Certificate of Deposit

A Certificate of Deposit, also called a CD or time deposit, is a non-negotiable product whereby the bank agrees to pay a guaranteed interest rate on funds deposited for a fixed period of time.

Concerned about locking up your money for an extended period of time when interest rates could go higher?  Not to worry.  First National Bank & Trust certificates of deposit provide the ultimate in flexibility with maturities ranging from as little as seven days to as long as five years.  Our long-term bonus CDs offer an option to change your rate if our current interest rate is higher that the rate you are receiving.  You have the opportunity to change or "bump up" your rate one time on a 36 month CD, two times on a 48 month CD, and three times on a 60 month CD.

The following require a minimum deposit of $1,000.00:

  • 7 to 31 Day CD
  • 91 Day CD
  • 182 Day CD
  • 12 Month CD
  • 18 Month CD
  • 24 Month CD
  • 30 Month CD

Bonus Certificate of Deposit

  • 36 Month $1,000.00 Minimum*
  • 48 Month $2,500.00 Minimum**
  • 60 Month $2,500.00 Minimum***

Opportunity to increase interest rate:  *One time during term.  **Two times during term.  ***Three times during term.
On all certificates of deposit, a substantial interest penalty will be incurred for early withdrawal.
First National Bank & Trust reserves the right to bid on deposits of $100,000.00 or more and may offer rates higher or lower than those normally offered for certificates of deposit and money market accounts.

CDARS Program

The certificate of deposit Account Registry Service (CDARS) is a convenient way to access FDIC insurance on deposits up to $50,000,000.00.  As a member of a special network of banks, First National Bank & Trust can place your deposits into certificates of deposit issued by other banks, making your funds available eligible for complete FDIC coverage.

Features of CDARS include:

  • Access to multi-million dollar FDIC insurance coverage by working solely with First National Bank & Trust, the bank you know and trust.
  • Negotiate one rate with our bank for each CD maturity and enjoy the option of reinvesting funds through a simple process.
  • Receive one easy-to-read statement from our bank summarizing all of your CD holdings.

Click CDARS to read more about the benefits of this service for depositors and investors.

For more information about current terms and rates call us at (906)774-2200 or contact us online.

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