A business savings account is a deposit account used to earn interest on money that is being put away for future use.  It is also a convenient way to be prepared for an unexpected expense.

First National Bank & Trust offers two types of business savings accounts to help prepare for the future, our Regular Non-Personal savings account and our First Premiere savings account.  We will work with you to make sure you have the correct account for your savings objectives. 

BusinessSavings Account

First National Bank & Trust Business savings account allows you to make an unlimited number of in-person deposits and withdrawals with a teller.  There is a federally regulated limit of six withdrawals per month when transfers are made electronically, either by phone or online.

Our Business savings account offers a competitive interest rate, with interest payable quarterly.  in addition, benefits include:

  • No minimum balance required.
  • No service charge.
  • Unlimited in-person deposits and withdrawals.

First Premiere Savings Account

Our First Premiere Savings account offers even higher interest rates for customers who maintain more than $2,500.00 on deposit.  The more you have on deposit, the more you earn.  First Premiere Savings accounts are tiered as follows:

  • $2,500.00 to $4,999.99
  • $5,000.00 to $9,999.99
  • $10,000.00 to $24,999.99
  • $25,000.00 or more

Additional benefits of our First Premiere Savings account include:

  • No minimum balance required, however, if the balance becomes less than $2,500.00, the Regular Savings account rate will apply.
  • No monthly service charge.
  • Minimum withdrawal is $500.00.  

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