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First National Bank & Trust is pleased to announce an upgrade to our current fraud protection for ATM and Debit Cards. This solution will offer state-of-the-art fraud monitoring and anomaly detection managed by a team of Fraud Analysts who will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The safeguarding of your accounts is very important to us, and we are excited to be able to offer this FREE service to all of our customers.


How it Works

Our system is designed to detect fraudulent activity using the same set of guidelines that most major debit and credit card companies use nationwide. Each transaction that we monitor is scored based on a predefined set of rules. The following is the process followed during the lifecycle of a single transaction:
  • Each transaction is scored at the point-of-sale for fraudulent activity
  • If the transaction is scored with a high risk level, it is passed on to one of our Fraud Analysts
  • The analyst will research the transaction and contact the card holder if they deem the transaction suspicious
  • If the card holder can verify the transaction as legitimate, no further action is necessary
  • If the card holder is able to verify the transaction as fraudulent, the analyst will block the card to prevent any further fraud
In the event that a fraudulent transaction is confirmed, we will contact you during the next business day to begin the process of ordering you a new card, and filing any necessary fraudulent dispute forms.



What should I expect if  a potentially fraudulent transaction is identified on my ATM or Debit card?
  • You will receive a phone call to the phone number associated with your account from one of our fraud analysts.
How will the Fraud Analysts identify themselves?
  • If you receive a call from one of our fraud analysts they will state their name, and say that they are calling on behalf of First National Bank & Trust. The analyst will request to speak to the owner of the card and ask them to identify themselves to verify ownership of the card.
Why do I have to verify my identity with the fraud analysts?
  • For security purposes, our fraud analysts will always verify the identity for the primary cardholder of the account. You will be asked to verify your identity based upon recent purchases you have made with your card. For card holders who choose not to verify any type of personal information, the analyst will request that you contact First National Bank & Trust directly for further information.  Please note that if you decide to contact the bank directly, we will only be able to assist you during normal business hours.
What happens if I receive a call from a fraud analyst? Will my card be blocked from use?
  • If you verify the transaction(s) as authorized, your card will not be blocked. You will be able to use your card as normal. If you verify the transaction(s) are not authorized, your card will be blocked to prevent any further fraudulent transactions.
What happens if I receive a call from a fraud analyst, but am unable to answer my phone?
  • If you are unable to answer your phone, the analyst will leave a message.  The message will state the purpose of the call, and will give you a call back number.  During this time, your card will be placed with a temporary block until you are able to return the call and verify the transaction(s) in question.
Will the analysts call me during the middle of the night?
  • By law, our analysts are only allowed to call you between the hours of 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM local time.  If suspicious transaction happens after 9:00 PM, our analysts will wait until after 8:00 AM of the following day to contact you.
What do I do after I verify a fraudulent transaction?
  • If fraud is verified on your account, your ATM or Debit card will be immediately blocked.  In addition to this, First National Bank & Trust will contact you in regards to getting a new ATM or Debit card ordered.  If necessary, we will also assist you in disputing any fraudulent transactions that may have occured with your card.
What should I do if I am going to be traveling?
  • In the event that you will be traveling, we ask that you please attempt to notify us ahead of time.  In doing so, we will notify our analysts so that they are able to make the appropriate determinations on your behalf.
What can I do to help First National Bank & Trust protect my account from ATM or Debit Card fraud?
  • Our system is dependant on First National Bank & Trust having the most current contact information on file for your accounts.  We ask that you please notify us whenever any of your contact information has changed (phone numbers, address, e-mail, etc).  If you are uncertain if your contact information on file with us is current, please contact us directly at (906) 774-2200.
*If an unauthorized transaction appears on your statement, you should contact First National Bank & Trust immediately to report the activity.

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