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Debit Card Text Alerts

smsGuardian puts you in greater control over preventing fraud using the 
familiar and convenient SMS text message feature on your mobile phone.

smsGuardian is reliable and flexible for monitoring Debit Card transactions, and it is extremely easy to manage. You enroll your card and mobile number and enrollments are effective for one year. You will be notified prior to expiration and can respond easily to a renewal text in order to extend your enrollment for another year.
You can enroll up to 10 mobile numbers per card number. You will also be able to select the appropriate time zone for your location, and establish "do not disturb" times where messages can be queued and sent after the designated quiet period.
Alert text message* will describe clearly how you should respond if fraud is suspected. You can stop enrollment for a device at any time through the website, by texting "STOP" to the PPS short code or by replying "STOP" to an alert.

You will receive transaction alerts when your enrolled Debit Card:

  • has an international transaction
  • purchases greater than $100
  • has eight or more transactions in 24 hours
  • is used but not swiped (online purchases)
  • has a declined transaction

If a transaction is legitimate, you can simply ignore the message. If the transaction is fraudulent, you can reply to the smsGuardian text with the code that you received and your Debit Card will be blocked from further use.

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* Message and data rates may apply.