Business Checking

At First National Bank & Trust we recognize the complexity of running your own business and understand that a checking account is an important tool for conducting business transactions. Our goal is to provide our customers with a checking account that is convenient and easily accessible while we continue to develop new tools and solutions to better serve business owners.

Small Business Checking Account

Our small business checking account is for all entity types that have low volume checking needs.

Business Checking Account

Our business checking account is the most commonly used deposit account. Balances maintained in the account are used to offset service charges which are among the lowest in the area. As a result, service charges are typically charged only to high volume/low balance customers.

Non-Personal Money Market

The Non-Personal Money Market is preferred by businesses with large balances who need limited access to their funds. This account pays a competitive rate of interest.

IOLTA Account

An IOLTA account or Interest on Lawyer Trust Account, allows lawyers to place certain nominal and short-term client funds into a pooled interest bearing checking account. Interest paid is remitted to the Michigan State Bar Foundation to pay for legal services for the poor and impoverished in the administration of justice.

Find a Business Banker

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