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SmartMoney PFM

Looking for a Smarter Way to Manage Your Money?

Our $martMoney Personal Financial Manager (PFM) is here to help.

We know that the toughest thing about online financial management is simply organizing all the details of your financial life.

And that’s why $martMoney is built to make it much easier to understand your spending and gain insights about how your money comes and goes each month.

The $martMoney PFM tool is easy to use and is fully integrated into First National Bank & Trust online and mobile banking, with a host of features that allow you to create budgets, manage spending, manage total assets and set goals.  That means you can focus on doing what you need to do, rather than organizing all the information on your own.

$martMoney from First National Bank & Trust can help you stay on top of your bills, your cash flow and your entire financial picture, so you can set clear goals and achieve them.

Interactive Spending Wheel -View your top expenses in real-time. Click the center to see a list of transactions from each category, to stay in touch with your spending and overall finances.

Easy Budget Tools - Build and view spending targets that are important to your financial big picture. The new insights feature provides your spending history, along with suggestions for staying on track.

Spending At a Glance -The analyzer quickly shows your percentage and total amount spent in each category; while allowing the user to customize the date range to identify any trends.

Cash Flow Control - By adding your paychecks and expenses, you’re now able to view income and spending trends right from the dashboard. The better you understand your cash flow, the easier it is to manage it on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Net Worth Snapshot - Track your investments, wealth and debts all in one place; while having access to monthly, quarterly, and annual trends. Your financial future is just as important as your day-to-day.

To start using the $martMoney Personal Financial Manager tool, simply log-in to your First National Bank & Trust online banking account, then:

  • Select any account to launch the $martMoney PFM tool
  • Select the $martMoney button
  • Start customizing $martMoney to your preferences

The $martMoney PFM tool will then add in all of your account data, allowing you to customize your information and begin the process of managing your finances with your own financial dashboard.


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For questions and support, contact our Digital Services specialists online or in-app, email us at or call 906-774-2200.