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MyCardRules customizable card security settings puts you in greater control over preventing fraud by using alerts on your mobile phone.
First National Bank & Trust mobile app users can set card use text* and in-app message alerts with MyCardRules.

These settings are designed to alert you to suspicious and potentially fraudulent activity on your card, which in turn allows you to take swift action to mitigate damage by turning the card off in the app.

When receiving alerts, if a transaction is legitimate, you can simply ignore the message. If the transaction is fraudulent, you can immediately stop use of your card in your MyCardRules settings and it will be blocked from further use.

Please contact us for further assistance if this situation should occur.

NOTE: MyCardRules is NOT defaulted to “on.” You will need to step through the settings in order to activate these extremely valuable features.

How to enroll your cards in MyCardRules

  • In the First National Bank & Trust mobile banking app, scroll to the bottom of the main dashboard screen to find the MANAGE CARDS section (listed as Card Management for accounts with only a single card) and select a debit or credit card (Settings need to be enabled and configured for each card).
  • Next, select ALERTS AND PROTECTIONS under Card Services.
  • Select MANAGE next to choose Notification Settings
  • Select how to receive alerts in both the Blocked and Notification sections. The TEXT MESSAGE option is highly recommended. Remember to select SAVE when complete.
  • The remaining settings on the ALERTS AND PROTECTIONS screen indicate the type of transactions you want to be alerted to. To be alerted to every transaction no matter the type, simply slide the NOTIFY ME ON ALL TRANSACTIONS button to ON.
  • Locations, Merchant Types, Transaction Types and Spending Limits are all additional settings the customer can set if they are NOT using the NOTIFY ME ON ALL TRANSACTIONS button.

*Message and data rates may apply