Cut out the clutter, ramp up the security

So many of your daily activities already occur online. It's time your banking habits followed suit. Start with your monthly account statements. What's the advantage? By signing up for eStatements, you can access your statements securely through Digital Banking and reduce the risks that come with your financial information traveling through the mail stream. You can also reduce your paper clutter and keep your records conveniently at hand for quick retrieval.

  • Access statements anytime through Digital Banking
  • View a history of statements and print them out whenever you need them
  • Fight against mail fraud and identity theft

Here's how to enroll

To use e-statements you will need:
  • First National Bank & Trust Online Banking or Mobile App
  • Internet access
  • A valid email address
To begin the enrollment process, log into your online banking or mobile app and complete the following steps:
1. Account & Document Enrollment
Select an account to open it up. Then select the Documents link. All accounts and notices are automatically selected. Paper statements will continue for any accounts or notices without a check mark.

2. Review your email address.
If it is not correct, please update in the designated field.
3. Enter a security phrase to be displayed on all valid emails sent from this site.
This security phrase will be included in all e-Doc emails from First National Bank & Trust and is used to assure content containing this information is legitimately from us.

4. Enter the enrollment passcode in the designated field after selecting the click here link.

This passcode verifies that you have the ability to view e-Docs in a PDF format using Adobe 6.0 or higher.

5. Read the disclosure and agreement.
You must scroll to the bottom of the disclosure before agreeing to the terms listed.

Once you have scrolled through the Electronic Banking Account Statement Disclosure & Agreement, check “I agree to the listed terms” box before selecting Enroll Now.

An Enrollment Confirmation appears in a separate window. Select OK within this window to complete the enrollment process. A confirmation email is also generated and sent to the email address that you verified in Step 2.
  • It is likely that you will receive one more paper statement through the mail. You will be notified via email when your statements are ready for viewing. To view, log into your online banking or mobile app and select the Documents link.
  • To make changes to your initial enrollment, select the Sign Up/Changes tab and make changes accordingly.
  • You will only be able to view statements going forward from the time of enrollment.
For more information please contact us online or call 906.774.2200.