Personal Services

Bank-By-Mail customers receive special "postage paid" deposit envelopes at no charge.

Notary Publics are available to our customers at no charge.

Safe Deposit Boxes offer the maximum protection for your valuable papers and keepsakes for just a few cents a day. Safe Deposit Boxes are available at our Downtown, South, Econo, Menominee, Iron River and Kingsford branches.

Cashier’s Checks are a simple way to pay for large purchases.

Personal Money Orders are a quick and simple way to pay bills.

Foreign Exchange allows you to transfer money, exchange money or order foreign currency.

Government Securities; we are here to help you purchase, sell or transfer your Government Securities.

U.S. Savings Bonds can be redeemed at our bank.

Depository for Taxes; Federal Withholding and Social Security taxes can be deposited with us

Direct Deposit is available for your government checks, pension, payroll and other deposits. Advantages include convenience, protection from theft or loss and timely made deposits.

Wire Transfers; Funds may be wired from another institution directly into your account with us. Funds may be wired from our bank to another institution.

ACH Entries allow automatic movement of funds.

iTalk is a bank by phone service. To set up your accounts for use with iTalk, call us at (906) 774-2200. To use the iTalk service, call (906) 779-7360.